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Page updated 06 April 2004 03:11 GMT
Duplicate file manager
For Windows 95/98
/NT4 2000 and XP

Duplic8 Has been tested on Windows XP
Duplic8 Has been tested on Windows 2000
Duplic8 Has been tested on Windows NT4
Duplic8 Has been tested on Windows 98
Duplic8 Has been tested on Windows 95

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Ziff Davis gave release 5 a 4 star rating. Click to read the review
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The best answer to duplicate files....

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Sharewarejunkies gave release 9 a 5 star award. Click to read the review.
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Duplic8 recommended by PCWORLD.COM's answer line pcworld.com
"For the money, this is a wonderful program." sharewarejunkies.com
"...Duplic8 is very easy to use." zdnet.com
"Fine Duplicate file finder." channel1 filelibrary

"Not only is your product great, but so is your customer service (quick response and personal attention)."
"Using this product, I have already gained back more than 200 MB in less than a week."

David - USA
"I now have about 300,000 files in 21gb that I search regular for dups, and your program is tops." Terry - New Mexico, USA
Just registered. Very nice program! Larry - USA
"Many compliments for your cheap and useful program!" Marco - Italy
"Yo! Let me into this!" Neil - UK
"This is by far the best dupe checking program I have used." Eric - USA
"Great Program!" James - USA

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Screen shot of Duplic8 Version 2
Screen shot of Duplic8 V2 after completing a search.
The first 4 files are identical to each other, and the last 2 are the same too.

Features of Duplic8 V2

  • Search the drives, directories or the subdirectories YOU want to search, any combination you like. Duplic8 will search any subdirectories if you like, or just do the directories you tell it.
  • View Screenshots Type the search paths in, or use the path picker onto Duplic8 to add them to the search path.
  • new-splash.gif (144 bytes) Drag and drop directories or directory shortcuts onto Duplic8 to add them to the search list.
  • Exact binary file comparisons, byte for byte.
  • View Screenshots Load and save search profiles, this enables quick profiles of search paths to be set up, and accessed quickly. (You can double click the saved profiles from windows and Duplic8 will start and load the selected profile).
  • new-splash.gif (144 bytes)Last 5 search profiles stored in the file menu for quick access.
  • View Screenshots Export the matched file list in comma delimited (.csv) format for loading in a spreadsheet, or save it as a raw text file, or even as an DOS executable batch file.
  • Improved faster searching algorithm.
  • View Screenshots Splitter bars to allow you to customise and store the screen layout.
  • View Screenshots Quick Zoom/Unzoom the matched file list.
  • View Screenshots Switchable match by content only or match by name and content. Switchable zero length file skipping. Switchable subdirectory scanning. Switchable delete to Recycle Bin.
  • new-splash.gif (144 bytes)Compare file size only (non contents) for a very quick scan.
  • View Screenshots Contact the author (me!) and check for updates via the internet direct from the Duplic8 help menu.
  • View Screenshots View the matched files in their normal applications before deciding what to do with them.
  • new-splash.gif (144 bytes)Quick skip to next matched file group with more than one file not marked for deletion.
  • View Screenshots new-splash.gif (144 bytes) Open windows explorer in a matched file's directory to check the contents.
  • View Screenshots new-splash.gif (144 bytes) Open ACDSee's image browser in a matched file's directory. Automatically detects the presence of ACDSee.
  • Automatic detection of file thumbnails (identical sized files produced by some graphics and audio software that can seriously degrade performance... but not Duplic8's!).
  • Expandable file type filters.
  • new-splash.gif (144 bytes) Multiple simultaneous filters just like Window's file find... "*.txt;*.doc;*.text" (registered users only).
  • View Screenshots new-splash.gif (144 bytes) Maximum and minimum size searching (registered users only).
  • View Screenshots Mark Wizard to speed up selection of files to delete.
  • View Screenshots Advanced mark wizard wildcard matching.


Why should you be worried about duplicate files?

Duplicate files are clogging up your hard drive right now, and things are not going to get any better.

As modem speeds have increased, you may have noticed that you become a bit less selective when you come to download something... With ISDN, ADSL and cable modems things can just get plain silly. Hands up how many of you select a huge block of files in a news group, or on a website and download the whole lot? There are more and more programs available to help you do this sort of mass downloading such as Gozilla and LinkExplorer (LinkExplorer being my favourite, available from www.lightman.com/linkexplorer).

So after a few weeks, months, years you have a nice collection of mp3s, midi or image files in your download directory, or even in some sort of organised collection.

Unfortunately people often download files, and then rename them to suit their own individual styles, and then upload them onto their website, or post them to a news group, or email them to their friends.

So you now might have 2 (or more) copies of the same file....

Hands up who has an mp3 that sounds a little familiar, or images that look like twins, or a midi file that gives a sense of deja vu?

That's where Duplic8 comes in.

Tell Duplic8 where you want it to look, which directories and even which file type (registered users can use multiple file types). You could just tell Duplic8 to search all files on the C,D,E ...etc... drives, but as you probably have some sort of organisation, why waste all the effort, so just tell Duplic8 that you want to search "c:\downloads" and "d:\my archive\midi". Include subdirectories if you like, or just tell Duplic8 the exact directories.

You can save this search profile if you are likely to repeat it, and run it again whenever you like. (there is no limit to the number of profiles you can save, so you can have a collection of search profiles as organised, or disorganised as your file collection!).


Check your backups

Want to double check your file backups before you delete them from the hard drive?
Then use Duplic8 to compare the files byte by byte. Simply switch the option to "Filenames must match" and point to the backup and original directories, and set it going.

Perfect for checking CD burns.


Check for duplicates before backing up.

Make those multisession backup CDs last longer.

You've downloaded the latest installment of your image/midi/mp3 collection, then check the new files against your CD backups before wasting time burning duplicate files


What's missing from the shareware version?

Answer.... Nothing vital!

Duplic8 is fully usable as an unregistered shareware program, there is a limit of 3 search paths per search and a few nag screens.

Some of the newer features such as multiple file filters are also not available in the shareware version, I thought this only fair as the new features had been suggested by registered users, and it might just give a few more of you that little urge to register.  :-)

If you find Duplic8 useful, you should register it. As shareware you are permitted to try it for 30 days. After that time you should register it, or delete it from your machine.

By registering you will...

  • encourage me to continue writing quality shareware.
  • be entitled to free updates to Duplic8 for life.
  • have all the features and no nag screens and limits.

The registration is available from a secure server, for the more than reasonable fee of $15 (that's less than a tenner to my fellow Brits), which might just cover my internet phone bill (some of us don't get it for free).

When you have downloaded Duplic8, if you want to register it, just click the help option and select "Register Online" or follow the link below.

Register Duplic8  Register Duplic8

Contact the author  Contact the author

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Prices and specification are subject to change without notice.








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